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3 Days Zanzibar Safari

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6 days Serengeti National Park and Zanzibar Island

A Tanzania vacation can’t be complete without visiting Zanzibar beaches. Tanzania is home to miles-long beaches and shorelines as well.  Zanzibar beaches are a perfect option to rest your mind after a tiring, dusty, wild safari experience in Tanzania or any safari destination in Africa Zanzibar is located 25 to 50 km off the coast of mainland Tanzania. It is an archipelago that consists of a number of big and small islands. Most of the Zanzibar archipelago falls under the Zanzibar region which comprises two big islands surrounded by many small islets. One island is Unguja which is informally referred to as Zanzibar, and the other is Pemba Island.  Around the shoreline, you can stroll around for hours as there will be far less crowd surrounding you. Resorts, traditional huts, and hotels are only growing in number.

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