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8 Days Kilimanjaro – Lemosho Route

8 Days Kilimanjaro – Lemosho Route

The 8 days Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route is one of mostscenic trails on the west of Kilimanjaro and it is a virtual climateexpedition. The shallow mountain stream wanders peacefully through the BarrancoValley’s bottom amid the clouds. Frosting shields the valleys whilst the azureglaciers extravagantly scatter across the landscape of the ice fields. Immaturetrees flourish amongst the towering emerald canopies and the lush vegetationconceals the moist floors. Thick shadows cast down from the bright sun. Faintbuffalo trails are carved into the smooth grounds of the Shira Plateau andmilky white mist, clings to and enrobes everything it can. You will encounterthe stunning sights of the Lava Tower and scramble up the impressive Barrancowall. There is a slight chance of spotting some magnificent wildlife along theleisurely trail. The 8 days Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route provides optimalconditions for acclimatisation which increases your chance of reaching theglorious summit.

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