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7 Days Kilimanjaro – rongai Route

7 Days Kilimanjaro – rongai Route

In the northern region, the base of Kilimanjaro is covered in a dense blanket of rusty gold savannah. The spectacular landscapes of the Maasai land feature elephants, monkeys, and gleaming silhouettes of the contrasting black buffalo whilst colorful flocks of East Africa’s enticingbirdlife soar the blue skies. The tranquil route travels through many different climate zones. The towering peak of the mountain is drenched in brilliant light, spikes of thin emerald impale the snow in distinctive directions. The enchanted cloud forest beckons one into its pulsing heart. Steeped in plushness and opulence with coils of vaporous mist and light illuminating through fractured canopies. The long drive to the gate is crammed with beautiful sights and the 7 days Rongai Route is considered to be moderately difficult. During the wet season, this route is favored due to the fact that there is less precipitation in the area – this allows for enjoyable, drier conditions.

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